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Trouble Sleeping? This Wellness Brand Has Got You Covered
By Elise Dejesus
September 10, 2020
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Our WB Good Life Editor interviewed the founders of RE.VITYL on their backgrounds in wellness, working from different continents and their future goals.

Sleep is such an important aspect in our daily lives yet trouble sleeping affects so many of us. Just 60-90 minutes of sleep per night can make you happier and healthier.  Despite this, the National Sleep Foundation advises that adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night.  Unfortunately for myself, the idea of that much sleep sounds like a far fetch dream.  I happen to be a very light sleeper and with neighbors who never seem to quiet down, my nights consist of tossing and turning and abruptly waking up.  I’ve tried many remedies from drinking lavender tea, non-addictive sleep aids and even meditation.  RE.VITYL is a wellness brand that creates products infused with elemental energy offering therapeutic health benefits.  I had the pleasure of interviewing founders, Iva Bravic Millereau and Rashia Bell and getting to know more about their journey through wellness and creating RE.VITYL. 


WB: Tell us about your wellness background and what pushed you to create RE.VITYL? 

Rashia: I have been in the wellness space for more than 5 years with my first business THE CRISTALLINE - an energetic lifestyle company.  Through that work, I am a Resident Energy Healer at the Spa at the Four Seasons New York Downtown and Philadelphia.  Through my company, THE CRISTALLINE, I have created product collaborations with brands such as Equinox, Carbon38 and the Four Seasons Hotels, and been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Net-A-Porter, and GOOP.  As an Energetic Interior Designer and Crystal Healer, I show people how to harness the energy within themselves and their spaces through natural crystal stones.  RE.VITYL is my outlet to bring to the world another wellness brand that enhances the way you live.   

Iva: I’ve had the amazing opportunity to live and work around the globe and as a mother of two children, I found myself constantly exhausted, not leaving me any energy to take care of my loved ones at the end of the day.  When Rashia approached me with the idea of RE.VITYL, I was immediately on board.   

WB: How was RE.VITYL conceptualized? 

Both We chose to come together to show the world our passion of living your best life everyday through greater RE.ST and RE.COVERY.  It’s our mission to bring to you, wellness products that will transform the way you rest, sleep and travel so you can live your most vibrant life.  

Every wellness product sold contains therapeutic health benefits, and is sourced from quality focused, nature-minded, and mindful suppliers spanning the globe.  Our partnerships are examples of our commitment to working with small female-founded businesses that produce excellent products.  We hope that our collective efforts, inspire and empower your own personal wellness choices. 


WB: What would you say is RE.VITYL’s core mission? 

Both: Our core mission is to make you fall in love with sleep and enhance your well-being.  Self-care starts with good sleep and if you sleep well, you live well.  The challenges that lay ahead of our everyday lives are much easier to overcome when our mind and body get the rest that it needs.   

WB: Have you seen a difference in the reception of RE.VITYL in Hong Kong vs NYC?   

Iva: The US is a more mature and developed wellness market, and Rashia has been in it for quite some time.  Therefore, it has been a natural evolution of her other business to have a built-in audience that already is intrigued or understands how the power of crystals and essential oils can enhance your wellbeing.  We have a wide range of clients in the US, from individual sleep improvement seekers, to moms looking for both themselves and their kids which has allowed us to reach all genders and ages.  

Hong Kong has shown itself to be a fast-evolving market, however the audience there is just experiencing the different facets of wellness from energy work, to essential oils and prioritizing meditation and yoga.  We have definitely seen that the interest is there, it just requires a different level of educating the consumer. 

WB: What are some future goals you have for the company?

Both: Our goal is to continue to expand our offering of self-care products. We have some fun and exciting things in the pipeline that will span beyond just the sleep, and continue to be mindfully sourced from female-founded and sustainable companies around the world.  In addition, we strategically continue to grow our reach globally.  Overall, we want to continue to showcase natural ways that people can enhance their wellbeing. 


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