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These Girl Friends Built Their Business Doing What They Love
By Elise Dejesus
July 2, 2020
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Alexa Oglesby and Lizclaire Tamam of TLD Candles featured on WOMANBOSS
Alexa Oglesby (left) Lizclaire Tamam (right) TLD Co-Founders
Our WB Good Life Editor interviewed the founders of TLD Candles on friendship, business and giving back.

The saying “friendship and business don’t mix” is something that we’ve all heard before. In some situations, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many of us dream of being able to work alongside our besties. For founders, Lizclaire Tamam and Alexa Oglesby, this was a dream come true. TLD Candles was launched back in 2018 and has been growing ever since. Even as a small business, they set monthly goals to give back. This month, TLD will be donating a portion of their proceeds to NO KID HUNGRY as well as the NAACP. I took some time to speak with these friends to learn more about their roles within their business, what it’s like to work with your best friend and goals they have for the future of their company. 

WBHow did you two meet and how would you describe your friendship? 

Alexa:  We met in middle school! We belonged to a very close group of friends who have remained close to this day. It’s more family than friendship. I couldn’t imagine my life without Liz. We feed off of each other and I think people can really see that when we are together. 

WB: How did you come up with the name TLD, a.k.a. Two Little Dumplings? 

LizclaireTwo Little Dumplings is quite literally named after me and Alexa. ‘Dumpling’ is a nickname we call each other, a term of endearment that refers to our love for dumplings (we are foodies, specifically where dumplings in NYC are concerned) but it also refers to our small statures. We both tower at approximately 5’1′, we are little women with big personalities! 

Alexa Oglesby and Lizclaire Tamam of TLD Candles featured on WOMANBOSS
Co-Founders of Two Little Dumplings, Lizclaire Tamam (left), Alexa Oglesby (right)

WB: When did you discover your love for candlemaking? 

AlexaWe sought it out! We thought a cute idea for our friends for the holidays would be to get personalized objects and make candles out of them. So, for our friend who loves baking we got deep baking trays and made candles out of them, our other friend loves tea so we bought her a tea set and made candles out of the teacups. From then on, we didn’t look back. Our friends told their friends, our family saw it and the orders just started pouring in! 

WB: From hobby to business, how was TLD conceptualized? 

Lizclaire: When we started thinking of what our business would be, it was really important to us that we do our part to minimize our carbon footprint, we were very aware of the impact it could make on our community and environment. Everything we do at TLD Candles has been done with the highest consideration and thought. We did tons of research on our wholesalers to make sure they were providing ethically sourced and quality materials, as well as minimizing their own carbon footprint. We took tons of classes and did research on candle making, perfuming, production, aromatherapy, and environmental impact studies to make sure we followed industry laws and regulations to meet the highest standards.  

WB: What are each of your roles within the company? 

AlexaWe split everything and learn together as we go! 

WB: What are some goals you have for yourselves and TLD as a business? 

LizclaireWow! We have big dreams and visions for TLD, some might be a little out of reach for us at the moment. Some of the attainable goals that we hope to meet in the near future would be to rebrand some of our products and packaging to make them even more efficient, scale our wholesale outreach so more people will have the ability to experience and try our products, expand our custom candle making operations so we can meet the high demand we have received over the past year, and finally to get TLD certified as a B-corporation. 

AlexaWe would love to see our company grow! We are so excited to be on the WOMANBOSS platform-OUR FIRST PLATFORM! This is a giant step for us! We are also finding our footing in the customized candles arena and would love to keep growing that. 

WBFinally, tell us more about your special give-back initiatives that TLD is working on? 

LizclaireWe are very passionate about looking for new ways we can give back and show our support, we donate a portion of proceeds monthly to various charities and non-profits that support causes important to TLD. This month we are working to support charities such as NO KID HUNGRY for COVID-19 relief and the NAACP for BLACK LIVES MATTER. As we try to navigate the new “normal” of our daily operations we hope to roll out more exciting initiatives that have been on our minds for a while and think it will resonate with the community very well. 

As a Good Life Editor at WOMANBOSS, I avidly look to the ‘good life’ aspect of products, and with TLD candles, what I like most is who it sets a mood in my space, providing a vibe as well as a pleasing aesthetic. Our favorite item from their collection is the Midas Touch Candle. Lizclaire and Alexa’s story has definitely left its mark on me. Their experiences in their respective fields help play a major part in the development in their roles within their business yet they still collaborate like friends do to make things work beyond the business set-up. I sincerely applaud anyone who’s pushed themselves and taken risks to do what they love with and for people they love 

TLD Candles Lady Lantern Midas Touch featured on WOMANBOSS
Lady Vase Lantern Candle (left); Midas Touch Candle (right)

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