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Restoring My Mental Balance and Self-Care with The Help of Aromatherapy
By Elise Dejesus
August 26, 2020
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The North American aromatherapy market is set to generate $1.08 billion by 2024, according to research. (P&S Intelligence)

Self-care and wellness have always been a huge industry. With so many different products, ideals and services available, it can be incredibly confusing to figure out what you need and what works best for you overall. The pandemic has certainly added a bit of edge to my self-care concerns, not to mention the fact that I will be the big 3-0 next year. I’ve taken time to adjust how wellness fits into my life, from “cleaner” eating, my skin and hair routine to incorporating daily physical activity goals. It hasn’t always been easy as much of self-care comes with motivating yourself to actually do it. As I continue on my self-care and wellness journey, I’ve become aware of areas that I may not necessarily give too much thought to. For example, mental wellness is just as important as the physical. It’s what helps drive you to accomplish everything else. So, if you don’t get your mind right, how can you focus on anything else? I did some research on ways that I can achieve mental relaxation while working within my own space at home and aromatherapy caught my attention. Here’s what I’ve learnt and some of my favorite products to use.  

Scents that evoke moods 

Delving deeper into my new found interest of mental wellness, I thought about how different scents evoke different moods and feelings depending on what they are. Aromatherapy is definitely not a new concept, actually it’s been around for an estimated 6,000 years. Throughout the ages, people of different civilizations have had various takes on what aromatherapy is and how it is used. For example, in Ancient Egypt, it was used in perfumes, medicine, cosmetics and skincare, as it is used now. However, aromatherapy was completely banned during the Dark Ages by the Catholic Church. In modern times, we’ve adapted new ways of using these ancient methods. Scented candles, diffusers, air fresheners, perfumes and incense are just a fraction of what is available on the market today. According to the Cleveland Clinic, research demonstrates that aromatherapy can improve your mood, lessen anxiety and depression as well as improve sleep. It is an inexpensive yet effective way to give yourself a boost throughout the day and slow down into a sense of calm at night. If you are considering looking into aromatherapy, I’d recommend looking for organic, nontoxic options and if you have a pet-friendly home, it is important to make sure the scents you are using will not cause harm to your fuzzy friends.

Restoring My Mental Balance and Self-Care with The Help of Aromatherapy featured on WOMANBOSS
Graphics: Shutterstock

Mist that is made to heal...

Essential oils and candles are some of the more traditionally used products on the market. But have you ever used an aura mist? Moodbeam produces organic aura mists that are filled with essential oils, crystal and flower essences and are reiki-charged. Their range offers sprays including focus, grounding, calm, love, protection and space clearing. Founder, Eva Werk developed the brand after her experiences on a spiritual and personal growth journey. This journey took her around the world in hopes of connecting further with her inner peace, purpose and well-being.  

“I learned that when you focus on healing yourself, and vibe higher you have more energy and desire to give to others around you and make a greater impact in the world” - Eva Werk 

Restoring My Mental Balance and Self-Care with The Help of Aromatherapy featured on WOMANBOSS
Eva Werk, Founder of Moodbeam


As I had never used an aura mist before, I was quite excited to get my hands on a few of Moodbeam's products. They offer a collection of 6 aura mists that are named based on the feelings they aim to achieve. I chose the Calm Mist to tackle the non-stop surge of energy I seem to have even after a long day of working from home. Finding that inner peace at night time was essential for me. After going through the motions of my night routine, I would spritz a few sprays of the mist on my pillow and around my bedroom and start my favorite podcast. Rather than that energy completely escaping me, I felt that the mist helped focus the energy into relaxing my mind and body.  I recently purchased a car and have been on the road more often than not. I find that sometimes, I get a bit jittery and anxious when I’m behind the wheel. I also gave the Grounding Mist a try. Before pulling off, I spray my head rests and the space in front of me and take 3-5 deep breathes. Adding this step really helps put me at ease and focus on everything around me without being distracted. Being that I’ve seen results with these two products, I’m really intrigued to try the Love Mist, which is said to promote self-love and the Focus Mist which improves focus and concentration.

Restoring My Mental Balance and Self-Care with The Help of Aromatherapy featured on WOMANBOSS
Graphics: Moodbeam Aura Mist

Exploring mental wellness is something I’d encourage everyone to try. The importance of feeling balanced within your own mind and body can help you accomplish things in all areas of your life. For me, adding aromatherapy along with other aspects of wellness to my routines have garnered many positive results from physical to emotional. 

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