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Refresh your morning routine with the health benefits of tea.
By Rose Smith
May 30, 2020
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Join our Wellness Editor’s personal journey on exploring the benefits of tea.

Giving up coffee as my morning wake-me-up has been tough. As I've been looking into ways to re-energize my day, I've come across numerous sources that say tea can be the perfect replacement. I decided to switch up my morning routine to incorporate the health benefits of tea, and with so many flavor variations there has to be a perfect blend out there for me. Boy, was I right!

I decided to try out Cup & Leaf, a female-founded loose-leaf tea brand that started out as a tea blog. They offer multiple ranges from black, green, oolong and even white teas with each category diving deeper into sub-flavors. I took their Tea Quiz and it helped narrow down the right blends for me. My personal faves are the Ginger Green Tea and the Mango Black Tea. For the novice tea drinker, they have more familiar flavors like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, so you can't go wrong.

Tea is one of the oldest drinks in the world and has always been thought to have medicinal purposes even in ancient civilizations. I really loved that on each flavor page, there is also a bunch of facts listed including a short list of ingredients, where the tea originated, and best of all - the health benefits. Each blend has it's own set of health benefits including stress relief, oral health, blood sugar and digestion to name a few.

Originally, I didn't know how I'd be able to manage without that roasted caffeine goodness to give me a boost each day. Cup & Leaf has not only made it convenient for me to target areas of my health that I can improve on, but with such a vast selection of flavors I can actually enjoy tea while indulging in wellness. I'm looking forward to trying to out some of their other options in the near future.

One of the perks of my position at WOMANBOSS is to dig out the inspiring backstory of brands that I like. Sit back, relax with a cup of tea and watch the video to follow Cosette Eliason, the co-founder of Cup & Leaf on her entrepreneurial journey.

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