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Making Strong Feminine Jewelry
By Rose Smith
July 10, 2020
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"After having 10+years in the industry, it was time for me to start something."

Katie DeGuzman was less than thrilled about the traditional process of designing jewelry and shipping it off overseas to be made. After working for over ten years in the jewelry industry, she felt it was time to branch out and start something for herself. This Parsons alumna knew she wanted her hand in the action and started her business back in 2010. Her brand, K/ller Collection, revolves around her interest in natural forms, architecture, alchemy, androgyny, and juxtaposition. She wants her customers to be involved in the creative process by by pairing her pieces with personal heirlooms or amulets to create a whole different architecture on their body.

Katie balances running her NY based studio and truly touches every single piece of jewelry being made. From creating POs, welding materials and everything in between, Katie is fully immersed in her brand's operations. Along with running her business and being a mom, she has learned to be much more structured with her time and she makes sure that every single moment is not wasted. Katie encapsulates everything that a WOMANBOSS is. Through years of experience and design, Katie creates strong, feminine pieces that bring out the strength in those who wear it.

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Quill Rising Studs
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