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I tried a science-backed hair care line, and here's how my curls did
By Elise Dejesus
May 24, 2020
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Virtue Hair Products featured on WOMANBOSS
Can Alpha Keratin 60ku™ be the miracle my curls need?

Across the nation, we’ve all been asked to stay home to ensure our safety. It’s given us the time to get to know ourselves, explore new interests and work on new routines. Working from home has really taken a toll on my hair care regimen. I find myself watching hours of YouTube videos for hair tutorials and product suggestions with the hopes I’d find something that I can easily incorporate into my routine while also giving me amazing results. For someone with extremely thick and curly hair, this could be mission impossible! 

When thinking about hair care, I generally always try to keep it organic. Less ingredients and less chemicals seem to be the route for most curly haired women out there. As this has been my go-to for the last couple of years, I figured I’d try looking into more science backed formulas. Queue the curtains! I came across Virtue, a complete hair care line with products ranging from shampoos and conditioners to serums, oils and color revitalizers. Their Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Luke Burnett is a retired US Army Colonel who leads a regenerative medicine lab that focuses on healing injuries using keratin in its purest form. Alpha Keratin 60ku™ has the power to heal burn wounds and regrow tissue. They also discovered that it can repair hair. As a woman of color with deeply textured hair, I was definitely skeptical but what’s awesome about Virtue, is they provide a “hair quiz” to help you figure out what product combinations would work best for your needs. I took the quiz, here’s what the doc recommended. 

Virtue Hair Products featured on WOMANBOSS
Virtue Labs Hair Care Line

My biggest hair concerns have always been frizzing, breakage and moisture retention. I also have many curl patterns, from 3C to 4B throughout my hair which makes it difficult to address every concern with minimal products and manipulation. My Virtue Hair Profile suggested three award-winning products to help tame these tresses. First up was the Smooth Shampoo. It’s super creamy and a small amount goes a long way. It lathers quite a bit which I generally steer clear of when selecting shampoos. Next was the Recovery Conditioner, which helps hydrate, soften and renew your hair. Did I mention it smells delicious? Last on the list was the Un-Frizz Cream. This product smooths, calms and transforms your hair. I did a bit more shopping around and decided to try out the Split End Serum which seals your ends. After stretching my wash and go for an astonishing two weeks, I was finally ready to get the show on the road. 

Wash day for me consists of a lavender scented candle, dimmed lights and a great playlist to set the vibes. The entire process takes about an hour. To start, I do a 30-minute pre-poo oil treatment which helps moisturize my hair and prevents additional breakage from detangling. Next, I spray a concoction of rice water, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil onto my scalp to help break up the oil treatment and disperse any build up that’s accumulated since my last wash. This mixture promotes a healthy scalp and hair growth. On wet hair, I used a quarter sized amount of the Smooth Shampoo as recommended and I was really surprised at how well I was able to cover my entire scalp. I took my massager and scrubbed in circular motions to help improve blood flow. I rinsed with warm water so that my pores would remain open. I went a little heavy on the Recovery Conditioner because I wasn’t sure how much slip it would have. I always start the detangling process with finger combing to prevent split end and breakage, I then go in with my scalp massager and comb through to help define my curls. Once everything is all detangled, I slip on my shower cap and take a brief intermission to wash my body and of course, give a little shower concert. After about 10 minutes, I rinse 90% of the product out of my hair with cold water. This helps close my pores, reduce frizz and add shine. Time to get styling! 

Using a microfiber hair turban, I squeeze 80% of the water out of my hair so that it’s still a bit damp then section into 4 parts. I then massage my hair growth oil in to moisturize my scalp. I do this as soon as possible so that the steam in the bathroom can activate the oils. For each section I used a little more than a quarter sized amount of the Un-Frizz Cream and raked it through my hair starting from the ends and working my way up to the root. I then take the sections out, flip my hair downwards and add a bit more of the product. I used the Split End Serum just on the ends of my hair. I let my hair air dry for about 20 minutes and then add a light layer of coconut oil to add shine and add the final seal to my ends. 

Results Virtue Hair Featured on WOMANBOSS

Can we talk about the refresh and reset? I really did not know what to expect from Virtue but I have to admit, my hair LOVED these products. I was so pleased to see my curls bounce back after being neglected for so long. After just one use, I could see a major improvement in the way my hair retained moisture which was one of my biggest concerns. I would highly recommend taking the Virtue Hair Quiz, to read more into the type of products they’d suggest for your hair type and needs. Moving forward, I will definitely find new ways to incorporate these products into my hair care regiment so that I can keep my hair healthy and looking good while doing it! 

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