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Girls in Gaming are Shaping Our Culture and Making a Career for Themselves
By Elise Dejesus
July 10, 2020
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Amy Lee 33 Female Gamer featured on WOMANBOSS
UK based Gamer and Youtuber, Amy Lee (Amy Lee33)
“21 Million Users are Subscribed to YouTube’s Top 10 Female Gamers.”

It seems like every year or so we’re introduced to the new “go-to” social media app. More recently, apps like TikTok have taken over with many scrambling to learn the next dance or challenge.  Not ready for that yet?  How about tuning in YouTube to watch the latest Mukbang’s (a guilty pleasure) or GRWM, which can be surprisingly stressrelieving as long as one is disciplined with how much to watch.  Another completely different genre of video content is also gaining mainstream viewership  online gaming.  Many of those growing up in and prior to the 90s say they would consider gaming as a “guy thing”, but with the next generation, we are seeing female gamers rising to the top, not only with their game skills, but also with how they are leveraging their social following to empower other girls and at the same time raking in a generous income.  Instead of just letting time pass consuming contents flooding our feeds, let’s take a closer look at how female gamers are shaping our culture and inspiring many. 

How Big is the Economic Impact? 

It comes with no surprise that gaming is undoubtedly the biggest industry in entertainment beating both the film and music categories. With nearly 2.3 billion gamers worldwide, the global games market projected to make $160 billion this yearAccording to The Gaming Economy, in 2019 approximately 46% of gaming enthusiasts were women, which can amount to as many as 1 billion people. While the percentage of female gamers continues to grow, much can also be said about the industries developers. Fifty years ago, there was only 1 woman working behind the scenes as a game developer. As of 2019, it was reported that women represented 24% of the total number of gaming developers 

Where to find the cultural footprint? 

Webtoon, a digital comic publishing portal, released a series called Let’s Play” that centers around Samara (Sam) and her dream of becoming a game developer. The plot is built around Sam’s first game release that she anonymously submits to an independent game site and the effect of a negative review from a very popular gaming influencer. Readers can immerse into Sam’s world of a gaming lifestyle, as an avid gamer navigating the trial and errors of becoming a developer with the potential for a complicated love interest. The cleverly titled series, pays homage to the Let’s Play cultural phenomena. The term – now widely known, describes a new form of gaming consumption in which players screen record their play through adding commentary, captions and sometimes a camera view of the gamers face. What’s great about this type of gaming is that, it can give a viewer more insight into a game’s set up, new tactics/hacks to try, and is very interactive.  

Gamer Girls featured on WOMANBOSS

The PLAYER – Amy Lee33  

Amy Lee also known as Amy Lee33 is a U.K.based gamer who started out her now incredibly popular YouTube channel back in 2013. In the first year and a half she gained more than 500,000 subscribers. Amy’s channel features POV videos of her playing different games like Roblox, Sims4 and of course Minecraft  She sets her channel apart from the peers by maintaining her commentary positive and sometimes uplifting.   She uses her channel and influence to promote love, peace and kindness which is an uncommon sentiment to associate amongst gaming influencers, whose contents generally involve some type of dueling and aggression. Since Amy’s YouTube channel is widely considered family-friendly, she has attracted many partnerships including book deals and is currently signed by Disney’s Maker Studios. Her net worth is estimated at between 1 – 5 million dollars as of 2019. When asked by Access Creative College, what advice she would give to gaming vloggers, Amy responded, “Be Happy! Enjoy the content you produce, learn new skills with editing, try different styles of videos and be grateful for each and every subscriber you gain.”  

Gamer Girls Tweet featured on WOMANBOSS

AmyLee33 is inspiring not only gamers in their teens, but women of all ages. As a female gamer with a combined fanbase of over 2.1 million followers / subscribers across YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, she has used her platform to promote positivity and peace in a genre of vlogging that is generally associated with male dominance and aggression. For anyone looking for some downtime entertainment or just a little push to start your own channel, Amy Lee’s channel comes highly recommended; and gaming as a sector has a long runway with increasing demand. 

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